Kinnell & Posch prides itself on original furniture design, style and customer service.

With founding partners from Sweden and New Zealand, we also place an emphasis on functional design, sustainable design practices and local manufacturing.

Our furniture is made with great care using only raw, natural materials which are meticulously refined and shaped into inspirational design pieces for you to enjoy and admire over time. 

All of the teak used in the manufacturing of Kinnell & Posch furniture has been kiln-dried. This drying process makes the timber a lot more stable and durable which ensures your furniture won't warp or bow when exposed to varying climatic conditions. 

Our cushions are manufactured right here in New Zealand. This ensures you only receive custom made-to-order cushions of the very highest quality.

You will find like minded designers in our shop who share similar beliefs which blend and flow from modern, well proportioned, functional elements underlined by principles of harmony and simplicity.

To get sense and feel of our furniture design, select items are on display at the Home Ideas concept building located at 165 The Strand, Parnell, Auckland 1010. Ask for Kinnell & Posch on arrival.