We're reducing our carbon footprint

A lot has happened recently. People are suffering on a global scale, the likes of which we have not seen before.

However, there is some very positive news coming out of these extraordinary circumstances in the form of reduced global carbon emissions.

We don’t have the data on how much CO2 emissions have come crashing down, but the roads and skies are deserted and the world is a much cleaner place.

At Kinnell & Posch we are conscious of the climate during this unprecedented time and we are excited to announce the rollout of our latest climate change initiative which gives you the option to carbon offset when making a purchase online at kinnellandposch.co.nz.

It's a positive step towards supporting the work we're already doing to combat climate change

It works by giving you the option to reduce the carbon footprint of your purchase by financially contributing to quality carbon offsetting projects at checkout.

The optional $10 contribution guarantees that freight and the carbon emissions related to the manufacturing and supply of your purchase will be offset. If anything is left over after that, then your contribution is actually making the purchase climate positive!

The process is transparent allowing you to see exactly where your green dollar is going.