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Formafantasma: An Holistic view of design thinking

Foundered in 2009 by an Italian duo, Formafantasma takes an holistic view towards design thinking to help facilitate a deeper understanding of both natural and built environments.

They are still pursuing a now decade-long investigation into the governance (extraction, production and distribution) of the timber industry - exploring themes of exploitation, colonialism and consumerism, and recently studied the human attraction with forces of nature through the lens of a refined collection of volcanic ash-glazed tiles titled 'ExCincere'.

Still taken from Cambio: Virtual Essay, 2020. A study of the timber industry and sustainability.  
ExCincere, 2019
Formafantasma exhibits its findings and also experiments with product design. Their pairing of crystal with copper and activated charcoal as a way of improving the taste of tap water is one of many which stands out for us.

Still, 2014: Experimental product design

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