A holistic view of design thinking

Foundered in 2009 by an Italian duo, Formafantasma takes an holistic view towards design thinking to help facilitate a deeper understanding of both natural and built environments.

Their study titled Cambio is an ongoing investigation into the governance (extraction, production and distribution) of the timber industry which explores themes of exploitation, colonialism and consumerism. 

Today, the timber industry is one of the largest in the world in terms of revenue, and impact on the planet's biosphere.

Still taken from Cambio: Virtual Essay, 2020. A study of the timber industry and sustainability.  

Another one of their more profound works, ExCincere, studies the human attraction with forces of nature through the lens of a refined collection of volcanic ash-glazed tiles.

ExCincere, 2019

Formafantasma also experiments with product design. Their pairing of crystal with copper and activated charcoal as a way of improving the taste of tap water, is one of many which stands out for us.

Still, 2014: Experimental product design