Choosing your outdoor furniture - It's a jungle out there

We know from our own personal experience that an outdoor lounge or furniture setting which is luxurious and comfortable is the perfect way to extend the indoor living area of your home.

Indoor, outdoor flow is so important to being able to fully appreciate and enjoy your home, especially in New Zealand where outdoor living can be a feature of your home-life all year round. This is more relevant now that people are spending more time working from home.

However, knowing what outdoor furniture to purchase can be mind boggling. How do you know you are making the right decision?

To help narrow it down you have to first think of what you are trying to achieve with your outdoor furniture purchase.


You need to consider things like how big is your outdoor area? Do you like entertaining guests? Do you have pets and / or children? And of course, budget is a factor. How much are you willing to spend? 

If you have pets or kids, or both, you will want to be sure the fabrics of your outdoor furniture are hardwearing and washable. It can rain a lot in New Zealand, so your fabrics need to be waterproof. Since New Zealand's UV is so strong, you also want to ensure that your fabrics will not fade and become dull. 

You want your cushions to be made using quick drying foam. This is for three key reasons.

Firstly, with quick drying foam, any water will drain quickly out of the cushions meaning they are ready to sit on soon after the sun comes out. Secondly, it prevents the core of the foam from being compromised. Thirdly and just as important as the first two, buying outdoor furniture which is made out of the best quality materials equates to less landfill. This is because if you buy cheap, poor quality furniture, the chances are you will want to throw it out after just a couple of seasons because the squabs and backrests will more often than not look like a dog's breakfast. Faded, mouldy and out of shape. 

The same principle applies to furniture frames - the wood, the metals, the wicker. Poor quality outdoor furniture will last one season before becoming cracked, warped and broken. 

If the environment is important to you, then buying local is also something you will want to consider when making your purchase decision. Buying local significantly reduces carbon emissions from shipping. However there is not as much choice when you narrow it down to 100% NZ made.

To compromise, we fabricate all of our cushions in New Zealand which has three main advantages. Firstly, it means we reduce our carbon footprint through the reduction of shipping mileage. Secondly, we control the materials and quality to ensure our clients receive only the best quality cushions. This is also important because cushion systems go a long way towards defining the comfort and luxuriousness of outdoor furniture settings.

Thirdly, by fabricating our cushions in NZ, we are supporting local businesses which is crucial now more than ever following the negative impact the global pandemic  has had on our local economy.

If you’re a bit of an entertainer, you will want a large lounge setting, two to three sofas. There are multiple configuration options available when buying modular furniture and you can usually make something work if you use your imagination. 

For sitting around your outdoor fireplace, you can’t beat a collection of comfortable outdoor chairs. Chairs allow you to get up close to an outdoor fire to really feel the heat on those chilly nights.


If you are a conscious shopper you will want to achieve all of the above and you will have to spend more to get there. But it's the right decision.

From our experience, it is better to buy well designed, high quality outdoor furniture which has been lovingly made from raw, natural materials for you to fall in love with, admire and enjoy over many years of use.

It's an investment in your home life, and buying local is an investment in the environment and the economy.

Ultimately, great design and great quality outdoor furniture comes with a higher price tag, but it provides a wonderful platform for getting the most enjoyment out of your home.