Taking design and aesthetics to a whole new level

Spirit 111 is the largest, single mast, timber superyacht built in the UK since 1930, and while her magnificent beauty above deck is one thing, you will be amazed by what lies below.

This story embodies much of what Kinnell & Posch represents: Sustainability, simplicity, functionality and originality in the pursuit of pushing artistic boundaries and design aesthetics to new levels. 

The free flowing forms without any angles render the space below deck more like an art gallery showcasing classic design pieces than the interior of a yacht.

From the main centre piece accentuated by the capstan inspired glass topped table built out of 64 separate pieces of steam bent timber, to the curved seating fashioned out of American walnut. Not to mention the floating beds in the three double cabins or the fact the Mahogany wall covering was all cut from the same one tree to ensure matching grain, everywhere.

You have to see it to believe it.

Welcome aboard