Big things have small beginnings

It’s like walking into the scene of Ridley Scott’s Prometheus. An alien world which is suspended by curiosity and space.

Trying to make sense of it all, the endless possibilities, thinking we had begun to understand, only to be brought back down to reality knowing all too well, that it is beyond total comprehension.

That’s the sentiment we shared when marvelling at the new series of works by Roger Murray titled Coherence.

Coherence, 1200 x 1200 x 200mm

The message is clear - using native NZ wood as the medium, design and provoke the senses with new possibilities, new worlds, new thinking and new thought processes. Unlock the space between reality and fiction to take people on a journey into the unknown. 

Murray explains: “To me the work is constantly asking to be in focus, for you to stand in its centre to make sense of the chaos.

Inertia, 510 x 510 x 950mm

“The complexity of movement and energy has always been an inspiration. I’m fascinated by our perception and ability to observe”.

For us, the work is inspirational, and way more than that. It is the art of wood working at its finest. Illuminating, challenging, confrontational, and enlightening. Each piece represents the key to another dimension, a spark to set us on our way.

Coherence is now on display from 10am - 5pm until Friday 10th December at Rogues Studio, 14 Crummer Road, Ponsonby, Auckland.